Stillhead ‎– Alexithymia EP

Brightest Dark Place ‎– none
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November 15, 2018

Really wasn't a fan of this one. The album felt really one note, probably would be good for a Blade Runner background soundtrack type of deal. I'm not sure on this direction change and what it is really leading up to. I'm not sure about the artist putting his name in the EP title, this of course is personal preference and I don't want to tell people how to make their art, but it came across egocentric to me and was off-putting. Overall It's fine, it's just really plain. I gave this several listens to try to fish out anything I might have missed but the whole thing just appears to be droning noises. I miss the old stuff where Alex found a nice balance of calmness and motion. The best way I can describe the way I feel this direction change is going would be the music used to be like riding an underwater current (old stuff), to being really intoxicated and couch-locked (new stuff). I feel as though this definitely has a niche, and it's place in the world of music. However, I unfortunately cannot personally find a place for it in my life, It fills no role for me that this artist's older work wouldn't do better. Like always though, I'm looking forward to listening to anything that comes out by Stillhead in future releases, some of my absolute favorite music is by this producer.